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Las Vegas has been and always will be an affordable destination for any tourist who desires great lodging, delicious food and wonderful entertainment. This has been the norm in 1952 and continues even today.

The Fremont Street Experience, a covered outdoor street carnival with all the major downtown casinos on each side is a great no cost 24-hour party and is the main downtown Las Vegas attraction. Affordably you can grab a beer or drink at any casino and walk the experience and see such sites as Elvis impersonator and his backing band blasting through a solid rendition of “Hound Dog.” For the more extreme traveler you can ride a zip line that runs the length of the street 12 stories up.

Young women in barely-there outfits danced on bars all along the street, offering alcoholic beverages, performance artists played bucket drums, donned moderately soiled super hero costumes and hustled for photographs or covered themselves in silver body paint and stood perfectly still, moving only when tipped.

The casino neon lights that wall the Fremont Experience give you an illusion its day time when it’s night time with their bright flashing lights which they have become so famous for now for decades.

Fremont street and the downtown area is away for the Las Vegas Strip and will create affordable experiences that you wouldn’t normally associate with Las Vegas, and I a side of the Sin City that most tourists don’t even know exists.

Finding a cheap room was more accessible when I used . A great source to find where the locals shop, eat and hang out. Remember getting a nice cheap hotel room is typically an effort that can easily be attained by any shopping diligent traveler.

Many affordable rooms are available on and within one block from the Fremont Street Experience. Many downtown hotels overlook Fremont. Many rooms are spacious to small, but always clean and in very acceptable condition. But remember you aren’t in Las Vegas for the room you are there for the experience. Go ahead check in and head out to the crowed Fremont Street! Food and drink are extremely affordable with burgers around $5 and beer for $2.

See the Pinball Hall of Fame is an enormous quadrangular warehouse full with pinball machines. The sound of bells, bumpers and flippers smacking steel balls reminds the baby boomers of old times when video games were a distant flash into the future. You will find newer and vintage games, many of which can be bought from the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Room rates off the Strip can vary wildly. Pre-Shopping using yellow pages sites like can help you secure your lodging way before you get to downtown Las Vegas. Look to spend about $55 a night for an adequate room. Like anywhere be aware of the room taxes. Depending on where you stay can increase your room rate each night from $10 to $30 per night if not quoted in the initial rate. But this the same in any city in the USA so seasoned traveler would not be surprised.

In Vegas, if you are partying on the strip and/or downtown you don’t want a car and don’t need a car. Two reasons, one other forms of affordable transit is available and two you are probably going to be over the limit and couldn’t drive anyway. This s OK, and if you drive in to town like millions do, just leave your car parked at the hotel where you stay and go have a great time. When you play in Vegas, slots, keno, craps poker the booze flows for free. Scantily clad many times busty cocktail waitresses in shiny pantyhose and revealing outfits seek you out on a regular basis and offer you delicious lavations from beer and wine to call drinks.

Remember in Vegas you will eat and drink lavishly and for very little if you should so desire. Options that are not found in most travel destination resorts in the USA and for that matter in the world. The public transportation is very affordable as well so drinking and being merry is fun because there is no down side traveling form casino to casino, pub to pub, and event to event.

Come to Vegas and have a great time on very little. That’s why millions come each year. Over 40,000,000 use McCarran Airport each year as they fly in for tons of adult fun! See you in Vegas!

Enjoy Las Vegas!!! Use

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