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You can easily do your part to help the environment for you and genrations to come with out sacrificing reliability or performance. By practicing a few ‘earth-friendly’ car care habits, it’s all comes down to timely vehicle maintenance and non-aggressive driving.

Here are specific suggestions from GETYP.com:

  • Remember to drive in a rational way, speeding and hard accelerations waste gasoline. Use cruise-control on highways to maintain a steady pace. When not driving but still in the car I.e. waiting for someone, shut off the engine. Also try to plan out and consolidate daily errands.
  • There are many specific laws regarding A/C repair and if not followed correctly you can be responsible potentially for extreme fines when not followed. Using the correct EVAC FREON removal and disposal of FREON being the main point of interest. Your car’s air conditioner should be serviced only by a technician certified to handle and recycle refrigerants or you must have that equipment to do so. The air conditioners in older vehicles contain ozone-depleting chemicals, which can be released into the atmosphere through improper service. Also, there is the older Freon for older cars and the newer Freon for present cars and the accessibility to these products and service tools differ greatly. If novice don’t try this at home!
  • Over all environmental appreciation of these that respect the environment and their vehicles. In addition to helping the environment, routine maintenance will help your vehicle last longer, get better gas mileage, and command a higher resale price. Dependability is always a plus when you use your car. No one wants to break down with the inconveniences and hassles that come along with it!
  • Your tires must be properly inflated and aligned. Under-inflated tires waste fuel by forcing the vehicle’s engine to work harder. Keeping your tires longer keeps them away from the landfills longer and again improving the environment.
  • Lighten up. Don’t have un needed items in your vehicle to reduce weight.
  • Use the correct methods to dispose of used motor oil, antifreeze/coolant, and old batteries properly. Check with your local authorities for good disposal practices. I.e. Auto Zone is happy to take your discarded oil. Top maintenance can keep your car not only running great but more efficient and clean burning. Replace filters and fluids as recommended to insure tip top performance. The environment will thank you!
  • Whether you are a great mechanic yourself or use one of GETYP.com’s listed mechanics remember that being good and doing efficient repairs properly and safely keep the environment clean from smoke, waste, leaks and other irritants of a poorly repaired and serviced vehicle.
  • Use GETYP.com and Local specific directories like YELLOWPAGESMIAMI.com to seek out your automobile repair, service and parts needs. Use the companies and write a review about your experience.
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