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GETYP.com long time Yellow Pages Digital Directory has been consistently since January 2000 and have had their family of directories presented on the web.

During this time the visionaries would be heard to say that the, “The Yellow Pages Are Dead.” Of course those business people hearing this over and over is disheartening especially when their business does well with yellow pages. Most that made comments similar to this are referring to the “PRINT YELLOW PAGES.” But, in their quick opinions they felt that the online yellow pages were sure to follow. Not only is this an unfair analogy but basically unfounded. The online yellow pages actually enjoy a larger following than local websites and portals like Google and popularity is growing. The (IYP) Internet yellow pages have a usage index reflecting larger following by as much as 65%.

GETYP sales strategy is simple. Give advertising companies for only a BUCK! That’s right $1! Reach out to businesses and offer full features similar to any other reputable yellow pages website for huge savings. A cost so low that return of investment is almost guaranteed each and every month. Great product, great exposure for nominal costs, that’s what GETYP and its family cities of directories, is all about. How can we do it? Simply it’s a reduction of overhead. Our overhead is a fraction of a typical brick and mortar and most online yellow page directories which allows for the BUCK fee. GETYP does not require any contractual commitments and companies can cancel anytime. No obligations other than the current month. Yep and that is $1.

Where GETYP also differs is we have one hundred plus of dedicated city yellow pages sites, plus vertical directories and yes unlike most we are International. Our huge Internet network benefits each and every GETYP customer as it increases exponentially the number of potential eyes that may see their ad which represents the business products and services. When people see the display ad, people buy. More eyes ~ more buy!

GETYP a fully LICENSED TRADEMARKED COMPANY is a long time survivor and most likely the oldest same ownership and management company of all yellow page directories on the Internet today. Not only reaching businesses across the USA but in other countries. This company has hundreds of digital directories and online guides that are devoted to connecting the consumer afford-ably with companies they seek. This is our primary main goal. GETYP has always foreseen that vertical directories which are and other online guide/s that is topic based. GETYP realized early that this would be a great place for same and alike business and to represent them.

These Internet properties would be giving important information to consumers seeking detailed topical information quickly with little to no clutter. Google began to realize that local listings and primarily local businesses, natural or organic links for the major Internet Yellow Pages and local search sites were starting appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) for a number of the top local topical queries again in 2012 and were on the rise. Comcast as well went on to confirm that consumer usage and preference was the driving force to the increase and resurgence of online yellow page directories notably impacted positively for IYPs and negatively for portals in 2012 Google, Yahoo and Bing listings behind.

So it stands to reason an increase in usage of the IYP sites that returned to first page position after declines or flat growth in traffic over the past few years is now in the past. A large positive impact is the format representation of the businesses as shown in getyp.com. Consumers favor the concise business one page information with video and other customer reviews. While shifts in consumer satisfaction is on also on the rise and the impact of business participation in IYP’s potential is a wise addition of any advertising under the portion of your marketing portfolio.

With Getyp.com not only is the cost a fraction of most other Yellow Pages Directories but full featured with no secondary selling strategies as there are no secondary products. All programs are sure to be an addition for those companies who’s SEO and SEM programs that may need a boost and better representation of their current services and products with reviews.

Categories are major factors of the usage trends across the three types of styles of online property’s (Local, IYPs, and portals) so when companies dedicate their advertising investment a positive reflection is an increase of potential consumer usage, and generating sales leads for both local and national business not to mention international depending on your business genre.

GETYP is a great place as your R.O.I. is much more likely than the costlier yellow pages directories or guides on the web. GETYP does not advocate terminating or replacement any of the businesses current advertising but use this affordable digital yellow page directory in addition too.

Understanding how changes in the local search landscape can impact your advertising and marketing plan requires continual monitoring and adjustment. Advertising here with GETYP.com just makes good sense. Good representation of your products and the most affordable program on the web to date.

Advertising here gives you additional exposure local, national and international. In addition GETYP directory is only one of many digital directory and guides in a family of directories and guides all cross marketing each other increasing the overall exposure and increase of potential R.O.I. for your advertising DOLLAR!

After all that’s what you want for your business and this is our commitment to you! Start with your affordable listing today!

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